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Eid ’10

Salam warah,

I know its kinda late but a steady and fast internet connection is hard to get when ur at the kampong, so………



Yup that time of the year again people, after a month of fasting in the blessed month of Ramadhan its now time to celebrate Eid. Of course its the time for forgiving and visiting family & friends but let us not forget to try and follow up the Iman momentum that we built up during the month of ramadhan hehe

Since its the time for forgiving, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone; I know i’ve done lots of bad things in the past,

i’ve hurt people’s feelings, disappointed lots of friends,

caused unnecessary problems for others,

slowed down people,

was ungrateful,


and the list goes on….

I’m very sorry especially to my friends because i often (without fail) disappoint them. For being the idiot that i am and for not cherishing the friendship that we have as much as i should i sincerely apologize. For being to caught up with what i was doing and not spending time with people around me who care about me, i am terribly sorry and ashamed. I hope you find it in you heart to forgive me and still be friends…… hmm agak over kut kan? tapi tu lah, the reality is i usually let people down (including myself) and i apologize for that.

just a lil bit of love with abg Baby!!

Well enough of that mellow stuff, I’m really happy because i got to spend time with my relatives back at kampong. Its amazing how just meeting someone and just having a chat with them after a long time can be so refreshing and fun! So hope all you guys have a splendid raye with ur family and friends wherever you are in the world :). Till next time yeah, owh telupe lak sok nk balik London :'(……



Adik: Abang lets go and solat at the mosque today
Abang: Oh really, why?
Adik: I just want to, can kan?
Abang: Okay sure…..
Subhanallah, has my little brother changed for the better? or is it the bigger brother who has remain stagnant and hasn’t grown. Muhasabah mode :  [ON]

What does it mean…

What does it mean to love somebody?

To truly and whole heartedly love someone, how does it feel like?

Is it when u can stop thinking about someone and have sleepless nights?

Or like having butterflies in your stomach at the thought of meeting her/him

That nervous feeling when you’re on the phone hearing that persons voice

Or when tears fall down thinking of the pain that person is going through

When a smile creeps in when she/he is happy

When ur whole body n mind are exhausted thinking of ways to help that person

Or when that person becomes the object of our dreams

When you care for that person more than anybody even yourself

And when the phrase, “I’m happy when you’re happy and I’m sad when you’re sad” applies in your life

Or is it when you’re willing to do anything for that person; “I’d take a bullet for you, if thats what it takes”

Argh is this love?

Or is it just words and games?

If it is, then just put a bullet through this heart. Why? Cause i think that i love you…… Maybe

flip flop

Salam warah,

Hows ramadhan people? Haha as they say time flies when you’re having fun, well i guess the same thing applies when you’re fasting in the blessed month of ramadhan.  Perhaps even more so during ramadhan, so cherish the few time left we have before we part ways again with this blessed month because you never know this maybe our last…..

Hey whats with the sappy sad atmosphere, lets hype up a bit. Actually today something funny happened to, albeit it was a bit embarassing but i think that this is a really serious situation that needs the immediate attention of everybody (cewah ayat nak bez je jang ni). So its like this, I was travelling back home via the country’s ever slow and crowded train service (yeah u know what im talking about, the blue and yellow one..) when this event happened.

Well first and foremost i have to say, we Malaysians should be more courteous to each other. Where’s the ” please “, smiles and so called budi bahasa that we’re oh so famed for having? Because seriously the train was jam packed to the brim and it was uncomfortable for everybody especially to the ones who had to stand up. You would think that the law enforcers/ responsible people in charge of handling the situation inside the train to be a kind fellow who speaks in an adequate way towards the society right? I mean they just like scolded the people to move in forward, “masuklah dalam lagi, tunggu ape lagi tu” we amongst the favourite phrases used. Okay, call me over reacting but im sure that there was a better more friendly way to go about the situation. When i say friendly that doesn’t necessarily means without be strict and serious about the matter in hand. Haish, maybe its nothing much but i was thinking that what the other people would have thought of it especially the foreigners.

Anyways, the number of people where decreasing as the train reached the transit destination. So as the doors where slid open, people were rushing out. At first glance i was quite impressed because the people outside were queeing and waiting for us to get out of the train. Being me i let other people out first and also maybe the fact that i don’t like being pushed around and being surrounded in the “sardine tin” situation, i let the others out first. That was the crictical mistake! As people we going out, the people outside were starting to flood in. So like it or not i had to brace through the storm of eager men and women trying to rush for a seat. In all the pushing, squeezing and shoving, i suddenly felt something missing. As if a part of me was taken away, i felt incomplete (okay over kut jang!!), tengok2 aik mane selipar aku??? In the confusion, my slippers slipped from my feet and was carried away in the stampede of the rushing people. So there i was, like an idiot with only one slipper another feet barefooted. Thinking back, that was a really hilarious situation i mean just picture it it looks so pathetic with everyone busy walking around there i was one feet without the sandle. I could only smile, but inside it was more of like being sad. Not so that i had to embarassingly walk around like that with some people staring, but at the fact that how the society hasn’t changed at all. Where’s the patience and virtues that we’re supposed to be famous for? Has it all gone and became history, or is it just words that mean nothing said as a campaign that dies out into space.

okay i couldn't find a suitable picture, my bad....

After that, i had to go out and buy a new pair of flip flops at the store near the station. Okay i know it sounds that I’m over reacting but i really felt as if i was walking around naked hahaha. Even the salesman at the store was shocked, ” Eh saye ingatkan bang x pakai selipar that hehe” aduh kemaluan2….. Seriously this was a really odd and yet memorable experience for me. It goes to show that we still as a society have a long way to go, and that we need to work harder for the sake of the next generation. People just remember, be more patient and courteous especially during the month of ramadhan. As they say, “sabar itu sebahagian daripada Iman” so why don’t we try being a bit more tolerant and patient with one another. Im sure it’ll do wonders. I personally remind myself before speaking to all of you guys and i personally blame myself for being inadequate and for not being able to react to the situation or anticipate that the situation could have been that bad. Just a few things that we should ponder, jzkk 🙂

selipar baru!!

City University New Students 2010!!

Salam warah,

haha hows everybody doing lately? Its ramadhan for the the muslims so that means FASTING, yeay!!! That time of year again for us to build our Iman and upgrade ourselves to become better muslims hehe. Anyways just wanted to put a small shout out to some special people 🙂


Seriously looking forward to go back to London and start the new season/semester. Arghh im considered a 2nd year student already, yeah i feel old and don’t even get me started on the pressures of studying hahaha haih. All that aside, tahniah again to the new 1st years may it be the actuarial science students or economics and finance students. By the way if you’re going to City University or going to study in London in general and you need a helping hand like for example things to bring, what to do when u arrive, etc please don’t hesitate to contact me (if there are still people reading this mediocre blog anyways, haihs). Well i guess thats it for this time, see u guys round and happy Ramadhan 😀

PS: u can contact me by commenting on this post or adding me in facebook but please private message me first or else i won’t be bothered to reply huhu.


Today we just finished our final paper for the week, ECONZ!! Alhamdulillah did it, hopefully things will turn out ok. After that we went to play footie, and i hve to say it was quite refreshing being able to play after a long time. So granted i played my socks off but now im starting to regret it haha this body’s not what it used to be 

Anyways after the game as usual we hung around for awhile and something interesting caught my attention. I don’t think i’ll th whole situation, just the jist of the whole conversation;

Friend A: Ko buat penih dow?

Friend B: Lek ar kat UK r bile buat cmni kt Msia mane buleh hahahaha

Then it struck me, thats rather funny what he said as though to imply that because now were in Uk we can do whatwas not seen as the “norm” back home. Come to think about it whats so different? The weather? People? Time difference? Really does this allows us to do such things? Actually what he did wasn’t really that big of a deal but the mentality is just surprising.

Maybe its like, okay here there’s nobody to watch over me so i can do whatever i want. What happens between this four walls stays here. Or what other people don’t know won’t hurt em right?? Thats how we would normally think, me including. But we tend to forget that the Creator, who is the Lord of the heaven and the earth is constantly watching us and that we have angels over our shoulders writing down our every move. We tend to forget that when we do sins in dark places, alone where nobody can see us we feel safe. But know that verily Allah is always watching us. Come the day of judgement who will stand to prosecute us? No one else but our own body;

Eyes: Did u know what he made us see?

Legs: Did u know where he made go?

Hands: Did u know what he made us do?

On that day, when we are witnessed all the things we tried to hide, when regret and repentence is all to late what will be left for ua to do. When the hellfire and paradise is shown “live” in front of us, and our book of deeds are given to us shall we receive it with our right hand, or our left? Subhanallah i hope to receive it with my right and be permitted into the gardens of paradise and to be amongst the pious. This is just a self reflection, no more than that 🙂



ahaha feels so strange writing this blog again seems like forever since i last updated right? U would think that going to UK would give u loads of ideas for purposes of blog writing, well i guess i’m the “exemption” huhu. Been kinda busy actually, but still no reason for me to stop writing. Sometimes i feel like i got lots of ideas for new stuff but i just couldn’t find the time. Yelah jahilliyah still manifest itself in myself but im hoping to be rid of them slowly but surely insyaAllah.

Actually the reason why im writing today is because i suddenly got news that my baby sister has started her own blog. Wow good on you Iman, finally got started writing eh, bagus2 *claps proudly* hope u keep on writing and telling us about new stuff kay? So as the ABANG mestilah xnak kalah dengan adik huhu, begitulah citenye 😛

Tomorrow my sister will begin her new life in Matrix, finally after 18 long years she’s going to leave the house and start living on her own. Kinda feel sorry for her cause i can’t send her myself to Matrix but i’ll be praying for you to have a safe trip there :). Thinking about it makes me reminisce  in the good old days when i first went to boarding school. The mixed feeling of excitement and sadness, add to that the new environment and people that made it an enjoyable roller coaster ride.  And then now seeing where i am and what have become of me, u can’t help but to wonder  at the splendor and wisdom of the Creator. How each event took place leading us to the next, revealing to us the grandeur of His plans, because yes we plan, but Allah is the best of all planners. So Alhamdullillah, I am here today because of Allah 😀

Can’t help to feel empathy for my baby sister, so im just going to write some stuff to lift up her spirits. Firstly, say thanks to Allah because u got the chance to continue ur studies kat Matrix. Although its not what you initially wanted it to be but Allah knows better, and He has chosen this path for you because its the best path for you. There is no coincidence in our lives, everything happens for a reason and sometimes that reason is not made clear to us. However always have a good opinion on the Creator, there’s always a “hikmah” for things to have happened the way they did.

Changes in our lives must occur for us to grow and develop. Nonetheless it doesn’t hide the fact that change can be a tad bit scary at first. Be brave, and face the change head on! Don’t worry to much about falling down and getting hurt along the way, that all just adds to the spices of life, and know that verily Allah does not burden you with something that is beyond our capacity. Also keep in mind that with each hardship there is relief, so keep holding on till u see the light. InsyaAllah one day you’ll back on the things that happen and smile.

I know that ur going to cry during the first few days (maybe weeks??), but thats okay :D. Crying cleanses the eyes right? So cry lah, nanti lame2 u’ll be okay. Because u’ll have new friends to accompany you through ur new journey. But remember to make friends with the right crowd, as our friends are the mirrors to ourselves. Don’t play the fool too much okay, remember why ur there? because you want to be someone who helps people in the future so never loose sight of that. Whenever ur down, make Doa and ask Allah for strength because when all is said and done to Him is where we’ll go back to. Always make time to read the Quran, insyaAllah next time i visit i’ll bring the one with the translation that u asked for.

Thats about it i guess that i can think of. So sorry i can’t be there to send you off but i hope the best for you okay. Eventhough Ayah, Mummy, Abang , Ashman and Kak Seri won’t be there always remember that Allah is with you :D. Good Luck for Matrix Iman!


Salam warah,

Cubaan suara…. ehem ehem hehe

Greeting from Briset St


Hahah feels so weird to actually sit down and start writing this blog again. It’s been almost two months here in London and I think this is the first time Im writing in my blog. Well you can say that its been very hectic here in London no thanks to CITY UNIVERSITY LONDON giving its actuarial science students loads of work (online quizlah, class test, homework, coursework la and never ending classes!!!!). If this is how my first year is going to be, I can’t imagine how hectic 2nd year will be. Well kalo pikir skrang pon xgne buat pening kepala je bek rilek2 dulu, take things one step at a time 🙂

As you may or may not know, Im living in the uni’s halls of residence for my first year and I have to say it really SUCKS ASS! To any juniors yang nak ke City Uni and planning nak duk halls, let me give u a piece of advice; JGN DOK HALLS especially Liberty Court!! Macam ayam dow kat sini dah ar mahal and the rooms are small, not to mention the facilities are zero. Baik korang g cari rumah ar duk kat UK nanti lagi heaven, dah ar murah ramai member lak tu and bole download!!! Dah ar download limit kat sini about 400 MB je se-24 jam ( like What the Shit?? ), for a Mat Download like myself I find this so annoying and irritating! nak download lagu pon tersekat haih sabo je la Jang, ni la cubaan dan dugaan duk luar negara. Tu ar sape suro blaja kat London bek duk rumah je blaja kat UiTM kang sonang hahaha. Takpe2 sume bende ade hikmahnye kite wait and see je……

Learning Actuarial Science is really no joke, its difficult and requires you to be very diligent and hardworking. Now im getting second thoughts on my decision to follow Abang Shan, but since Im already here I might as well finish what I started. Owh staying in London is nice except the weather which is nowadays always raining and cold. Looks like winter dah semakin hampir, harap2 ade snow la taun ni bole nak berjakun main snowball or buat snowman hehehe. I miss my family and friends back home very,very,very much like they say distance makes the heart grow fonder. Speaking about the heart, nowadays i feel quite lonely especially when im sitting in my room alone like this. Sorang2 dalam bilik mane x rase lonely ye tak tapi nak buat camne, ni la reality duk kat hall so once again aq nasihatkan junior2 yg akan ke luar negara kalo bole korang g cari rumah dengan member2 korang and put halls as your last resort. Okay la looks like thats it for today hopefully the semangat utk tulis blog akan trus mekar dalam hati yg sunyi ini heheheh. So till next time Salam sayang dari Jang 🙂


lame x update this blog…… will be doing so hopefully soon. Im in London now missing home, family, friends and teachers 🙂 c u soon InsyaAllah