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Make me feel like the luckiest person alive,
The first person I see when I wake up,
The last one before I go away,
The answer to my lonely nights & my empty days.

Are the remedy to an aching heart,
The spring after the winter cold,
Like a swimming pool in the summer heat,
I fall for you like autumn leaves,
No words enough for what you mean to me.

Whose eyes like stars in the dark sky,
Your smile like medicine when I’m sick,
Whose hugs are the warmest,
Whose hands fits mine,
My shoulder to cry on,
When times were tough,
You helped me carry on.

The one that i’m saving the best for,
Who makes my heart flutter,
Makes my steps lighter,
The apple of my eyes,
Holds the key to my heart.
The other half of me,
You complete me.

Will you promise to be by my side,
Hold my hand,
And grow old together,
Love me forever,
For longer than forever.

I promise,
I will do anything for you,
If you promise the same too,
If I end up in heaven,
I won’t want any angel,
I only want you,
It always has been,
It always will be,
Only you.


Midnight Rambling


Assalamualaikum, how’s it going guys? Hopefully everyone’s doing ok wherever you are. Its 12:16 am now and I’m alone in my room, everyone else is watching Santau or something. I chose not to watch it hehe, not my cup of tea basically I prefer not to have myself scared or screaming like a little girl late at night, but hey if thats your kind of thing then by all means…..

I was reading my lil sister’s blog just now and i was quite amazed with the vocab she was using i mean she seriously has talent in writing albeit maybe not serious jurnalism like kinda writing but she’s good nonetheless. Never fails to make me laugh that one, hope she’s doing well with everything hehehe. She hopes to be a doctor so I’m hoping she does good enough to continue her dream. If not then well, one door closes and others will be open so no worries kay lil sis 😉

Thinking bout her plight really makes me think about where I am right now. I was recently browsing aimlessly in facebook as im sure many of you are used to doing, and I took some time to catch up on what my schoolmates are currently doing. If you must know, I bumped into my primary schoolmate last week at the careers fair. We chat a bit as I was all too busy looking for an internship opportunity. So thats when i had the urge to checkout on my old mates. To my amazement lots of them are doing great, some are already working with big names like Pwc & Citibank, others are studying medicine, accounting, economics and what not, you name it. Looking at them and comparing them with yours truely, I can’t help but to get a mix of emotions. At one point Im happy that they’re doing so well in life and at the same time I can’t help but to feel sad for myself. Its not that im not grateful for what I have, its just that I don’t feel like I’m living enough. Sounds depressing isn’t it, yeah I guess its one of those days when you feel like nothings going your way. I call em my “emo days” kahkah

I want my existense in this world to mean something you know. I want to be able to contribute positively to the people around me, not just a normal person working at the office from 9 to 5 everyday clocking in and out of work. I seriously can’t picture myself working at the office, hopefully i’ll get an intership so I can test run so to speak huhu. Im not meaning to say that office work nor that actuaries don’t contribute to society don’t get me wrong its just that I can’t get my head around the big picture yet. Haih you know don’t mind me I’m just rambling stuff thats probably not meaning anything haha

I guess I’m bummed out at rhe fact that I’m not doing what I thought I would do; pilot. Yeah my eyes wouldn’t allow me. So i choose myself into this area which altough has its lows also has taught lots of valueble things. So yeah, a but down but hey its just one of those days i guess and i needed an output, so Im sorry you had to read this :P. Gotta take my mind off things and focus on finishing what I started. Lets go with a positive attitude in life and pray that Allah gives us the best i. This life and the hereafter hehe. Till next time, peace out haha 😉




ahaha feels so strange writing this blog again seems like forever since i last updated right? U would think that going to UK would give u loads of ideas for purposes of blog writing, well i guess i’m the “exemption” huhu. Been kinda busy actually, but still no reason for me to stop writing. Sometimes i feel like i got lots of ideas for new stuff but i just couldn’t find the time. Yelah jahilliyah still manifest itself in myself but im hoping to be rid of them slowly but surely insyaAllah.

Actually the reason why im writing today is because i suddenly got news that my baby sister has started her own blog. Wow good on you Iman, finally got started writing eh, bagus2 *claps proudly* hope u keep on writing and telling us about new stuff kay? So as the ABANG mestilah xnak kalah dengan adik huhu, begitulah citenye 😛

Tomorrow my sister will begin her new life in Matrix, finally after 18 long years she’s going to leave the house and start living on her own. Kinda feel sorry for her cause i can’t send her myself to Matrix but i’ll be praying for you to have a safe trip there :). Thinking about it makes me reminisce  in the good old days when i first went to boarding school. The mixed feeling of excitement and sadness, add to that the new environment and people that made it an enjoyable roller coaster ride.  And then now seeing where i am and what have become of me, u can’t help but to wonder  at the splendor and wisdom of the Creator. How each event took place leading us to the next, revealing to us the grandeur of His plans, because yes we plan, but Allah is the best of all planners. So Alhamdullillah, I am here today because of Allah 😀

Can’t help to feel empathy for my baby sister, so im just going to write some stuff to lift up her spirits. Firstly, say thanks to Allah because u got the chance to continue ur studies kat Matrix. Although its not what you initially wanted it to be but Allah knows better, and He has chosen this path for you because its the best path for you. There is no coincidence in our lives, everything happens for a reason and sometimes that reason is not made clear to us. However always have a good opinion on the Creator, there’s always a “hikmah” for things to have happened the way they did.

Changes in our lives must occur for us to grow and develop. Nonetheless it doesn’t hide the fact that change can be a tad bit scary at first. Be brave, and face the change head on! Don’t worry to much about falling down and getting hurt along the way, that all just adds to the spices of life, and know that verily Allah does not burden you with something that is beyond our capacity. Also keep in mind that with each hardship there is relief, so keep holding on till u see the light. InsyaAllah one day you’ll back on the things that happen and smile.

I know that ur going to cry during the first few days (maybe weeks??), but thats okay :D. Crying cleanses the eyes right? So cry lah, nanti lame2 u’ll be okay. Because u’ll have new friends to accompany you through ur new journey. But remember to make friends with the right crowd, as our friends are the mirrors to ourselves. Don’t play the fool too much okay, remember why ur there? because you want to be someone who helps people in the future so never loose sight of that. Whenever ur down, make Doa and ask Allah for strength because when all is said and done to Him is where we’ll go back to. Always make time to read the Quran, insyaAllah next time i visit i’ll bring the one with the translation that u asked for.

Thats about it i guess that i can think of. So sorry i can’t be there to send you off but i hope the best for you okay. Eventhough Ayah, Mummy, Abang , Ashman and Kak Seri won’t be there always remember that Allah is with you :D. Good Luck for Matrix Iman!


Salam warah,

Cubaan suara…. ehem ehem hehe

Greeting from Briset St


Hahah feels so weird to actually sit down and start writing this blog again. It’s been almost two months here in London and I think this is the first time Im writing in my blog. Well you can say that its been very hectic here in London no thanks to CITY UNIVERSITY LONDON giving its actuarial science students loads of work (online quizlah, class test, homework, coursework la and never ending classes!!!!). If this is how my first year is going to be, I can’t imagine how hectic 2nd year will be. Well kalo pikir skrang pon xgne buat pening kepala je bek rilek2 dulu, take things one step at a time 🙂

As you may or may not know, Im living in the uni’s halls of residence for my first year and I have to say it really SUCKS ASS! To any juniors yang nak ke City Uni and planning nak duk halls, let me give u a piece of advice; JGN DOK HALLS especially Liberty Court!! Macam ayam dow kat sini dah ar mahal and the rooms are small, not to mention the facilities are zero. Baik korang g cari rumah ar duk kat UK nanti lagi heaven, dah ar murah ramai member lak tu and bole download!!! Dah ar download limit kat sini about 400 MB je se-24 jam ( like What the Shit?? ), for a Mat Download like myself I find this so annoying and irritating! nak download lagu pon tersekat haih sabo je la Jang, ni la cubaan dan dugaan duk luar negara. Tu ar sape suro blaja kat London bek duk rumah je blaja kat UiTM kang sonang hahaha. Takpe2 sume bende ade hikmahnye kite wait and see je……

Learning Actuarial Science is really no joke, its difficult and requires you to be very diligent and hardworking. Now im getting second thoughts on my decision to follow Abang Shan, but since Im already here I might as well finish what I started. Owh staying in London is nice except the weather which is nowadays always raining and cold. Looks like winter dah semakin hampir, harap2 ade snow la taun ni bole nak berjakun main snowball or buat snowman hehehe. I miss my family and friends back home very,very,very much like they say distance makes the heart grow fonder. Speaking about the heart, nowadays i feel quite lonely especially when im sitting in my room alone like this. Sorang2 dalam bilik mane x rase lonely ye tak tapi nak buat camne, ni la reality duk kat hall so once again aq nasihatkan junior2 yg akan ke luar negara kalo bole korang g cari rumah dengan member2 korang and put halls as your last resort. Okay la looks like thats it for today hopefully the semangat utk tulis blog akan trus mekar dalam hati yg sunyi ini heheheh. So till next time Salam sayang dari Jang 🙂


lame x update this blog…… will be doing so hopefully soon. Im in London now missing home, family, friends and teachers 🙂 c u soon InsyaAllah



Untuk pengetahuan rakan2 sume, pada tarikh 27 September 2009 pada jam 2340 saya dan rakan2 seperjuangan yg lain insyaAllah akan pergi meneruskan pelajaran di luar negara. Saya bersama Ahmad Redzuan dan Noor Hidayu dari Kolej MARA Banting akan ke City University London utk melanjutkan pelajaran dalam bidang Sains Aktuari. Oleh yg demikian, saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini utk memohon maaf atas segala kesilapan yg telah saya lakukan samada secara sengaja atau tidak sengaja. Sorry kalau pernah terambil, terkutuk, terdrop, tersepak, termakan, terminum dan ter2 yg lain. I apologize from the bottom of my heart if i have done anything to have hurt you in anyway, for not being a good enough friend, son, brother, naqib, roomate, partitionmate and person. I hope that you pray for our safe arrival and our success in our respective fields. I too will pray for your success in all that you do. I won’t say goodbye, instead i hope to see you soon God willing. Distance apart but never in the heart 🙂

Goodbye may seem forever,

farewell is like the end,

but in my heart’s a memory,

and there you’ll always be.



Just because


Hi there, it’s been a long time since i wrote something in my blog. Actually there’s no particular reason for that, just that things are quite hectic with the accommodation problems in City, flight tickets not booked yet and all the other stuff concerning with flying to the UK. Too busy that i’ve been neglecting my family and friends, and that really2 sucks ass. Anyways im hoping that all the UK shit stuff can be settled by this week so i can relax all the way until D-Day huhu.

Nothing “interesting” seems to be happening in my life nowadays, thus explaining the lack of new entries in this blog hehe. Owh yeah, just yesterday two of my classmates left for Scotland yeay!!! Andi and Akiey were the first of A07B to go overseas, CONGRATS guys. Really happy for you two, hope to be seeing you guys later during the holidays okayh. A few of my friends and I took the liberty of sending off Andi and Akiey at the airport yesterday. To be honest, there were a mixture of emotions yesterday. I was firstly proud because they’re finally going to the UK to continue their study in Herriot Watt and at the same time I was a bit sad because they were already leaving. When will it be my turn to board a plane to London? Hmm only time will tell, but I’m trying my best to wait patiently like they say, ” Good things come to people who wait”

Speaking about “patiently waiting”, yesterday I was in charge of driving us to and back from KLIA. If you know me well, you’d know that I drive fairly carefully, not too fast or in short PEMANDU BERHEMAH la orang putih slalu cakap. However yesterday sbb takut miss Hana was not able to catch the last super duper fast KTM back to S.Alam, i was compelled to drive much faster than what i was normally used to.

Hana : Jang ko tak ngantuk ke bawak slow2

Jang : (SHOCKED) Ko rase aq bawak pelahan ke Hana? ( tgh tekan sampai 120 nih)

Apiz : Weh ni agak laju ar Jang bawak ni, lebih 20 km/h dari tadi hahaha

Hana : Yeke aq rase cam slow je

Jang : Slalu ko bwak kete laju mane Hana?

Hana : hehe secret la (ayat cover sbb x abis amik lesen lagi)

Hana nanti ko dah ade lesen kite race jom tgk sape bawak kete lagi laju hahahaha

Guess who’s back

Thats right guys, Ramadhan is back

which means fasting for the muslims yeay!

Dapat gak la puase kat Malaysia ni sblom berhijrah ke luar negara

pape pon semoga bulan Ramadhan ni bulan puase terbaek utk kite sume 🙂

harap2 mase pose jgn pnat camni dah ar huhu

harap2 mase pose jgn pnat camni dah ar huhu


Tomorrow is Graduation Day

Hahaha can’t wait…

Hope to see-u-soon 😀