Make me feel like the luckiest person alive,
The first person I see when I wake up,
The last one before I go away,
The answer to my lonely nights & my empty days.

Are the remedy to an aching heart,
The spring after the winter cold,
Like a swimming pool in the summer heat,
I fall for you like autumn leaves,
No words enough for what you mean to me.

Whose eyes like stars in the dark sky,
Your smile like medicine when I’m sick,
Whose hugs are the warmest,
Whose hands fits mine,
My shoulder to cry on,
When times were tough,
You helped me carry on.

The one that i’m saving the best for,
Who makes my heart flutter,
Makes my steps lighter,
The apple of my eyes,
Holds the key to my heart.
The other half of me,
You complete me.

Will you promise to be by my side,
Hold my hand,
And grow old together,
Love me forever,
For longer than forever.

I promise,
I will do anything for you,
If you promise the same too,
If I end up in heaven,
I won’t want any angel,
I only want you,
It always has been,
It always will be,
Only you.