Once again, its been a while since i’ve blogged and if u’ve read (or are still reading) this lame excuse for blog then u might realise that I’ve been busy with uni work to sit down and write something decent. Fact of the matter is, thats not a good enough excuse for anything; if u can make time now, then u won’t be able to do so anytime soon in the future when life gets real busy. Food for thought i suppose huh….

Anyways, this time my writing to u comes in a different method so to say. No im not writing on a new macbook nor an ipad (i wish though haha tsk2..), im actually writing from Finsbury Park!! Haha hard to believe kan? No not really tht hard when u have an iphone an a wordpress app on it 😛

Well i was just bored sitting at home so i decided to take a little stroll around the housing area, sooner or later i found myself on this bench and i got the sudden urge to write something.

You know its amazing how some fresh air can be so revitalizing for u. Here i am sitting here (alone unfortunately) gazing on the wonders that is the creation of All Mighty Allah. It amazing how when u think about it, that everything fits just ncely from the breeze that blows softly inducing trees to dance and how the animals an people can walkabout peacefully not to mention u can see the warmth and love of families gathered at the park for their evening stroll. It makes you think of how very small u are and eventhough small we still fit and mean something in the whole complex and yet beautiful creation that have been gifted to us :’)

Im just jabbering about really but if there was something that i wanted to say to u ( if anyone’s reading this keke ) is that be thankful for what u have may it be family, friends, good health etc and take some time to gaze upon the world around u coz u’ll be amazed at what u find. Then again wht do i know right haha. Food for thought 😉

PS : did u see the supermoon, reminds me of Bruno Mar’s “Talking to the moon” song, so jiwang jang bluekkkk hahaha. Salam