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Just got back from Uni just now, I tell you 4 hours of Contingencies is no good for ur brain bro. Luckily we had a break in between for some lunch (went to Dixy’s hahaha) kalo x mmg aq muntah nombor ar kat lecture tadi huhu.

Anyways, I went to the 99p shop near my place because we were running low on supply of goods at home. So me being the responsible housemate that I am, I went there to get some stuff and one of them being Listerine. Haha ni nak cite skit, aq bought listerine ni sbb nk jage oral hygiene skit, don’t want those bacteria to make holes in my mouth lah snang cite. I find it very important that we take serious care of our oral hygiene because that way it’ll be easier for us to smile and for the others to accept our smile, kan senyum tu satu sedekah.

But lets think beyond the norm, its not enough to just take care of our outer condition ie our oral hygiene but its also important to take care of our inner hygiene. When we talk we (im not saying all, but most probably a lot) usually use a lot of vocabulary that are not nice to listen to. Kalau back home tu for example perkataan “bodoh”, “syal” dll byk digunakan sebagai penyedap pada akhir sentence. Here its far worse with locals using the Fish word if u know what im saying. I guess to a certain extent, we can’t blame it on the individual because maybe its due to the environment, the society at large or even peer pressure, not to mention negative influence from the media. But you can’t put aside the fact that words like that aren’t easy on the ears.

On the other hand, it amazes me how easily the brothers from my university can utter such nice words like, subhanallah, alhamdulillah etc and include them in their sentences. I know it sounds a bit awkward to us but u can’t deny its pleasing to the ears and im pretty sure it soothes the heart. Don’t take my word for it, instead lets try it out shall we? Try inserting some words that praise Allah in our conversations and lessen on the “penyedap kata” as much as we can. Start with small steps and try to make a difference ok keke.

use listerine before its too late hahaha

– Speak as how you would like others to speak to you –





Once again, its been a while since i’ve blogged and if u’ve read (or are still reading) this lame excuse for blog then u might realise that I’ve been busy with uni work to sit down and write something decent. Fact of the matter is, thats not a good enough excuse for anything; if u can make time now, then u won’t be able to do so anytime soon in the future when life gets real busy. Food for thought i suppose huh….

Anyways, this time my writing to u comes in a different method so to say. No im not writing on a new macbook nor an ipad (i wish though haha tsk2..), im actually writing from Finsbury Park!! Haha hard to believe kan? No not really tht hard when u have an iphone an a wordpress app on it 😛

Well i was just bored sitting at home so i decided to take a little stroll around the housing area, sooner or later i found myself on this bench and i got the sudden urge to write something.

You know its amazing how some fresh air can be so revitalizing for u. Here i am sitting here (alone unfortunately) gazing on the wonders that is the creation of All Mighty Allah. It amazing how when u think about it, that everything fits just ncely from the breeze that blows softly inducing trees to dance and how the animals an people can walkabout peacefully not to mention u can see the warmth and love of families gathered at the park for their evening stroll. It makes you think of how very small u are and eventhough small we still fit and mean something in the whole complex and yet beautiful creation that have been gifted to us :’)

Im just jabbering about really but if there was something that i wanted to say to u ( if anyone’s reading this keke ) is that be thankful for what u have may it be family, friends, good health etc and take some time to gaze upon the world around u coz u’ll be amazed at what u find. Then again wht do i know right haha. Food for thought 😉

PS : did u see the supermoon, reminds me of Bruno Mar’s “Talking to the moon” song, so jiwang jang bluekkkk hahaha. Salam